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Cable One Reviews

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  • Cuts off service before past-due notice to 97-yr old man

    Did not receive last month's bill. This month's bill came with past due notice- but they had already cut off Internet and phone and access to account. No prior notice. 97-yr old man with no phone so could not even call to find out. Sent payment through bank but CSR said would take several days to confirm. Made payment over phone with Visa - was told 1-2 days. Called CSR back and she "forced" the service back on - otherwise he would've had to wait. Not the first time we've had issues with this company -but it's the ONLY one in Rio Rancho, NM so you... More...
    (Cable TV)
    hazel2322's Picture   hazel2322    0 Comments   Comments
  • John Perez

    I called cable one to start service, for one I couldn't understand the thick asian, I asked for someone else to speak with that I could understand and she still didn't switch me. So I just went with it. I went to arizona for the winter and they didn't have cable one in bullhead city We returned home and called to start service, we are allready wired for it so no brainer the csr said that we didn't have an account and would not set us up We have flipping wiring here already so after arguing that she didn't know what the heck we hung up!!!! Really, I guess cable one... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • No one cares here

    This company is the worst. Only open locally for 4 days a week. Doesn't care about loyal customers...only wants to promote business to new customers and then get them on the hook and jack up their billing cost. When you call their local number, then you get service from another location and they are rude and will challenge you in the conversation....basically calling you a liar. More...
    (Cable TV)
    chilidawg24's Picture   chilidawg24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shady Billing Practices

    My normal cable internet bill is ~$120/mo. Now, I add HBO for Game of Thrones season for a promo of $10 per month and my bill suddenly goes up to $165/mo. How does $120 $10 = $165? Here is what the billing agent said when I called them this morning: "You were getting a $20 credit for a promo and it just ended. There was also a partial month charge for HBO (for 6 days which amounts to $2 extra)." By her muddy explanation, this "Video/HSD Discount" credit that I was getting would have my normal bill at $140/mo. normally. I've never had my bill that high and I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    catroast's Picture   catroast    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One is a joke

    I watch these Cable One commercials claiming "blazing speeds" and have to laugh. I have had dial up faster than this garbage. I can't even check my email half the time without the connection timing out. I call and complain and they say a tech would come out and fix it but half the time they don't show up, and when they do they just wiggle a couple wires and say they don't know what the problem is. Guess it's too much to expect for them to do their jobs and find the problem. The hub outside has been hit by lightning and never repaired, I've told them 3... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    shael214's Picture   shael214    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One Technician

    I have been a loyal Cable One customer for 10 years now. The past year or so I have constantly had problems with my internet connectivity. During my most recent problem. I contacted Cable One, and they send a technician to replace our modem for the third time hoping that would fix the problem. The technician, whom was seemingly grumpy and very rude, replaces the modem and the internet still doesn't work. I ask the technician, "What could be the problem, and what can I do to fix it." He then replies, "I don't know." in a very rude manner. Which i found very... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    FahQue's Picture   FahQue    0 Comments   Comments
  • Paperless Billing

    We changed to paperless billing in October 2014. We were waiting for a November bill which we never received. I paid anyway. I kept checking on line and I could not access ANY of my prior bills nor any new bills. I paid anyway to avoid a late payment fee. In late December I finally was able to find a bill on line for double my normal bill because I had MISSED Novembers payment. Not true. The November money was with drawn from my account Plus I had a late payment fee of $8.00. I was still not able to access my billing account on line. I finally spent several hours chatting on line... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Cableone Customer Service SUCKS

    We have been a loyal full package CO customer for 15 years. We are on auto-pay on a credit card. Just before Christmas we used our CC at a store that been hacked, so for security reasons, out provider cancelled the old card and sent a new one. Due to that, our payment on 12/25/14, was not processed. The VERY FIRST communication we get from CO saying the December payment is not process was today (1/16/15, less that 30 days) saying they had a truck in the area and we were going to have our service disconnected. Alls I can say to COs customer service is SCREW YOU MISERABLE... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Chainsaw's Picture   Chainsaw    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible company beware!

    Cableone- what can I say that hasn't already been covered? They are terrible. Terrible internet, terrible cable tv, terrible customer service, terrible everything. Intermittent internet connections daily, constantly irritated, can't get a person on the phone usually - when you do they ate typically useless with offering the same old blame the user or their equipment type questions and resolutions, unplugging modem, checking dumb stuff that you already know isn't the problem. Stay away from them. More...
    (Cable TV)
    buffalow228's Picture   buffalow228    0 Comments   Comments
  • There entire customer business model

    This company is nothing but a self serving profiteering at the expense of there customers. The customer is the last person on there list. They intensionally make it hard to make payments so they can shut it off. Then they have the nerve to inform you that you are or are not elligable to make the payment. There web site is the worst I have seen from a company of this size. The only positive I have to say about this company is that therwe employees are doing there best. I feel sorry for them because I would guess that they are treated poorly too. They have the worst channel selection and I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    apress's Picture   apress    0 Comments   Comments
  • Man, do they suck!

    They send out all kinds of flyers with specials, but when I signed up, the cable has been run into the building for 4 months without being hooked up. Emails and phone calls to them are WORTHLESS. Customer Service is absent! I wonder how a company like this can stay in business. If they treat a customer like this BEFORE hookup, they must be even worse once you've been a customer for awhile. More...
    (Cable TV)
    combdyn's Picture   combdyn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One Sevices

    One word, Sucks. Don't ever be a Cable One customer. I have the internet and phone and whenever they go down, it is impossible for these guys to show up to fix them. In fact, you will be paying for no internet services. Easy money for them. They told me to wait for the service personnel to show up and he was no show. The next day, he called and called for 2 rings before hanging up. So the service will be cancelled if you don't pick up the phone immediately. DON'T GET CABLE ONE More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Not friendly at all

    I ask many times that Cable One to put LOGO channel on their network and have it part of their package they have more religious stations then L.G.B.T. Station the closest ones are Bravo and MTV but they nor venue the Gay community It is not fair to censor our community and push religious in our differences down our throat We have rights I am no longer their customer waiting on their bigotry board to make decisions More...
    (Cable TV)
    soundmindone's Picture   soundmindone    2 Comments   Comments
  • The billing and overall custumor service suck.

    Cable One is expensive, and thier overall service and products are sub par, to bad thier customer service doesn;t reflect in the price we pay each month. These guys are a joke if you want to talk to anyone before 8am or after 5pm LOL good luck. I called to cancel my service tonight but guess I can do it in the morning I just don't want this company to get another dime from me seeing as how poor thier bussines practices really are. More...
    (Cable TV)
    randersen11's Picture   randersen11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable ONE is the worst!!!

    Cable ONE is the worst!!! I can't believe how poor their customer service is, I am freaking out! I pay for Internet but it does not work. I have called no less then 20 times; they tell me to unplug/re-plug, this hasn't worked the first 19 times why is it going to work now? Am I taking crazy pills! "We'll send a tech between the hours 8 and 7." %u201CWhat! On a Thursday?!%u201D Who can do that? I have a job so I can pay the outrageous bill for Internet that doesn't work! If you read these reviews, take heed, Cable ONE is the worst! They will take your money and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ryanliebe's Picture   ryanliebe    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sexual harrassment

    I was speaking to one of your sales reps from the Sherman, TX Cable One Company. His name was Alan and he spent too much time talking.. Although I appreciated his feed back to the companies policies, I was shocked at some remarks made to me that were clearly sexual. If I ever need assistance again from Cable One, I will ask to make sure I do not have to speak with him again. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Mtammy's Picture   Mtammy    5 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One DVR not responding

    After 2 long years of horrendous service -- this pushed me over the edge. Today, Jan 8, 2013, at 12:30am, while watching a recorded show, 'POOF' -- the DVR stopped responding with the following message: "One moment please this channel should be available shortly. Ref code: S0a00". Have called the 24 hour customer service -- and -- THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE !!! Now 3:47am. Called numerous times. Still no customer service. Last straw -- cancelling service. Prices too high -- channel line-up/selection HORRIBLE. With 30 yrs of cable service with various providers... More...
    (Cable TV)
    truthwarrior's Picture   truthwarrior    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One wrongfully charged me a cancellation fee

    (Cable TV)
    wolfmo24320's Picture   wolfmo24320    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable one contract unknown HUGE disconnect fee

    I am moving out of state due to work where they do not have cable one. I call to cancel they say i am in a contract that i signed?? no idea signed paperwork when guy installed. So i asked for options - said i could keep my service ( cant moving ) , I can transfer - i said well i will transfer service to a town where my parents live - they don't offer the phone part of my bundle so i will be charged the disconnect fee. Worst customer service ever - i said you are giving me no options but to pay 500$ she said sorry i interpreted it like that...wait... More...
    (Cable TV)
    julswilde's Picture   julswilde    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cable one Internet and Cable Failure

    July 3rd 2012, I wake up and turn the TV on and all channels are blank, call the service wait about 1 hour on the phone to talk to a tech when i do they fix it they tell me that changes have been made to the account a new box had been added for my grand mother in which I understood because the channels had been changed around so she could not watch her shows. But in the possess of adding the new box they erased the current box. I had to go buy a atx cable for the new box and connect the new box it was 3pm when i started the second call to cable one about the issue of the box not having some... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Nauid's Picture   Nauid    0 Comments   Comments
  • cable one phone service

    I have not been getting phone calls intermittently. very disturbing because important calls not coming through. They said I have to actually name 3 calls within the last 24 hours up to the minute to get help. I told them it was intermittent. 3 people compiaining they can't get me on the phone within last 2 weeks. They can't help me. I had quest before and no problems. Paying the regular fee now and a lot and can't get out of the contract for a year and no one is helping me. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor billing practice... :(

    I have automated billing through Cable One. They often send me papers bills stating that I 'm past due,though its automated!....Last month my automated payment didn't reflect on my bank statement,(the money was in the account).This month they took out double my 99.00 monthly GUARANTEED total,which is always 114.00) .So 228.00 ...really? Plus they NEVER answer the phone at the local office...Getting thru to a human .....not gonna happen.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Cableonesucks's Picture   Cableonesucks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Email migration Cable internet

    Updating equiptment and services provided by cableone required my approval and some computer adjustments. I'm not versed in some of these procedures and I found the customer support to be extremely helpful. Travis, in Arizona talked me through the entire set-up, and didn't act the least bit impatient. I would hope you would use his abilities to train other customer service people. I appreciated his good attitude. Thanks! More...
    celticrose's Picture   celticrose    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incompetencies

    To start, I will say that I am referring to the office in Boise Idaho, but I hear they are equally terrible in all locations. We only used them for internet service and it was the worst service I have ever received! When we moved in & called to obtain services, they were convinced that someone was already receiving service at our location so they couldn't sign us up too. As my cousin (our roommate) put it, unless this is a case of 'The Others,' we are pretty sure no one else lives there. We had to go down in person with our lease to prove that we did, in fact, inhabit... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • horrible horrible horrible

    Their bills don't match up. Online it will say we owe $180, but our mail bill will say we owe $112. When asking a customer representative, they'll say to pay the lower amount, knowing that we'd get sent to collections, but we're not that stupid. Customer service is the worst we've every experienced. Hoping my military orders can get me out of this crap contract! More...
    (Cable TV)
    rubbish's Picture   rubbish    0 Comments   Comments
  • and bad service

    Having trouble with my internet service I called to get the new higher speed - 50 Mbps. I got a lot of run around because they were trying to push me into a bundle package they would put me under a 2 year contract and increased rates for the second year. I declined and they finally said they would give me the new higher speed internet on a one year contract. They also put my cable tv service under that contract when I told them it was only for the internet. My service is much worse than before I got the new modem. I have called numerous times to get it fixed, today I was told it was a... More...
    ChuchT's Picture   ChuchT    3 Comments   Comments
  • CableOne

    The customer service received was horrible. The first day of service, the cable was skipping and the phone was in and out. The representative that provided the service said that she would include some free movie channels which in fact didn't happen. Every person we talked to was completely rude and uncaring. We are new to this company and very taken aback. Will NEVER use them again. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Horrible cable internet, with small print!

    Their basis for providing cable internet packages is crooked. The service does not ever meet its claims, and then later i found out that there are lots of small print in their intial terms and agreement that say that if you use a certain amount of bandwidth in one day, they WILL cut your data speeds in HALF for the next 24 hours. Now when you are trying to run a home business this is unacceptable. WHere i come from this type of "half-assed" service is unheard of and never as outrageously prices from the start. HD Tv seems to work when its wants to (which seems to always be when... More...
    (Cable TV)
    electromagic's Picture   electromagic    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One's Customer Service is Terrible

    A number of times a year my Cable TV/Internet will go out and I struggle to get in contact with CableOne. The phone book only has their local number and as you may guess when there's an outage that number rings busy. I even called the next city - just so I could get a toll free number and it was busy too. So after 40 mins I gave up. About an hour later cable was restored so I visited the site to find the Toll Free number to place in my cell phone and you will not believe that the toll free number is not on their Customer Service page or Contact Page, even though they tell you... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Chas2002's Picture   Chas2002    1 Comments   Comments
  • Un-bundled cable Charging

    I wanted to disconnect my Internet service from my cable TV. Good luck. In an attempt to lower my $165/mo cable bill, I planned to move Internet service to ATT and at the same time drop my deluxe cable to their 'standard' service. Of course, the rate goes up, but I still save money. But the real kicker in all this, is they want to charge me $23/mo (double)for the rental of a DVR box that I have already paid for (at the rate of $12x24 mos) well over 2 years ago, and continue to pay for today. So far, I have paid enough in rent in the 5 years I've had it, to buy two of... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Overcharge for cable tv Equipment

    I wished to de-couple my Internet service from my cable TV, reducing my monthly bill from $165 to about $60/mo. In doing so, I also wanted to reduce the overall cost of cable TV by dropping to their "standard" package. In doing this, I will be charged $23/mo rental for the DVR box instead of the $12 I am currently paying. My complaint is two-fold: 1) I have already paid more than the fair market value of the Motorola Tuner (Model DCT6416 III). Five years rent at $12/mo = $720. The units sell for approx. $320 on E-Bay or direct from Motorola. Now Cable One wants to double... More...
    (Cable TV)
    brbanks43's Picture   brbanks43    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cable One poor customer service

    We lived in 3 different cities in AZ over a 2 year period and had Cable One services (internet, phone, cable) and when we relocated to OR for a new job, they charged us $240 for early termination fees. Wouldn't credit us the total time we were with the organization but rather based it on the time we had with the recent local office. Office managers and higher up management DO NOT care about the consumer. Beware of their contracts! More...
    (Cable TV)
    jpaulson13's Picture   jpaulson13    1 Comments   Comments
  • Phone Service Options

    Have the economy package - don't require any services in that package beyond the phone access itself; however, I do require Caller ID - I understand this is not an option; that I must purchase a much more expensive package with the additional services I do not require just to have Caller ID. Do the math, it's less expensive for me to return to Qwest for basic service w/Caller ID than to purchase the only option you provide - A response is requested; however, if there are no additional options, then I must cancel service that we have had for many years. More...
  • Phone Options Are Terrible

    Got suckered into the Cable One phone option as I already have television and internet service. Wanted a simple phone setup as I have a built in answering option on my home phone, not requiring voicemail. Don't use forwarding, call waiting, or much of anything else - with the exception of Caller ID. To have this feature, as it is not an ala carte option, I must purchase their 'upgraded' service which has more options that are frankly standard on most other companies. Obviously, for the money - their service is ridiculously overpriced. More...
    j518's Picture   j518    1 Comments   Comments
  • Phone and Internet not worth it

    We decided to save a few bucks by bundling services with Cableone. Worst decision we ever made. Our internet connection and phone goes down between three and five times an hour at night. I was on the phone for a little over an hour this evening and was disconnected six times. Then I get no service for several minutes before I can make a call again. Imagine if I were trying to dial 911. I emailed them a week ago and haven't heard a word. We have a two year contract, but I consider it broken if they can't keep their end of the bargain. More...
    (Cable TV)
    meelwood's Picture   meelwood    3 Comments   Comments
  • worst customer service

    Worst customer service I've experienced. Multiple problems over multiple unresolved issues and no concern for the customers needs, experinces or issues not the fault of the customer. One situation was shut off not by fault of customer. Cable One customer service had no concern and no reasoning to help. "Oh well" attitude and almost a punishing type of responce. More...
    (Cable TV)
    cap10scot's Picture   cap10scot    0 Comments   Comments
  • I cannot stand these guys!

    I have been trying to get a service call for more than three days now. The cable that was run from my neighbor's yard, from the cable box, across his yard and through mine from side to back to opposite side has never been buried like Cable One said they would. When I try to call to get it taken care of, I CANNOT get a live person. When I finally do, I am told that I need to call my local Cable One and talk to them-via the same d#@* telephone number that I just called!!! I try again and all I get is a recording of hours and location, then IT HANGS UP ON ME!!! I cannot get a live... More...
    (Cable TV)
    srrod's Picture   srrod    1 Comments   Comments
  • Totally Disgusted

    Imagine the absolute worst customer service experience you've ever had. Now multiply that by a factor of 10 and drag it out over a year. Without exaggeration, I can say that Cable One has truly set the bar in terrible customer service for me, namely in the last year. So much for customer loyalty. For the first 2 years, I was a "month to month" customer, which was fine, but in the third year they set me up on a contract without telling me. (I know people say this all the time, but honestly, I didn't sign anything OR agree to a contract over the phone). For my loyalty,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    crabbycancer's Picture   crabbycancer    2 Comments   Comments

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Cable One Comments

shilohsonnet says: (3 years ago)
I think Cable One should get their stories straight. First the problem is just my service, then the problem is in the neighborhood, then the problem is at my connection and they have put a temp. fix in until Monday when someone can come out & replace a connector up on the line between the poles. Then the problem is just my service, then the problem is in the neighborhood, then the problem is at my connection and they have put a temp. fix in until Monday when someone can come out & replace a connector up on the line between the poles. Then the problem is just my service, then the problem is in the neighborhood, then the problem is at my connection and they have put a temp. fix in until Monday when someone can come out & replace a connector up on the line between the poles. Then the problem is just my service, then the problem is in the neighborhood, then the problem is at my connection and they have put a temp. fix in until Monday when someone can come out & replace a connector up on the line between the poles. Then the problem is just my service, then the problem is in the neighborhood, then the problem is at my connection and they have put a temp. fix in until Monday when someone can come out & replace a connector up on the line between the poles. Does anyone see a pattern here?

mad2 says: (4 years ago)
The dropping of BET and others from cable one listing was targeting black viewers, the replaced channels are terrible, old shows of the 70's and 80's. The cable one monthly bill need to be decreased for there is nothing on the replaced channels worth viewing. We live in a apartment complex and they won't let us have a satellite dish , if they did I will drop cable one in a heartbeat.

leighasmommy says: (4 years ago)
Horrible internet! We have called several times sometimes it will work better for a week or so other times it makes it worse one time the guy actually shut off our wi-fi, this last time we were told there must be a tree causing bad connection come on really in the middle of our house yes we have a giant tree in the middle of our house between our box and the phones we try to wi-fi. we are going to be finding another internet provider.

ratty6868 says: (7 years ago)
They disconnect my cable. I went to their office and paid my bill, now they tell me it will be a week before I can get a service call. I mean how long does it take to reconnect cable. Those techs are just lazy. That means no television for my kids for christmas.

Aaron2009 says: (9 years ago)
Over priced internet. Upload and download speeds are horrible for the prices charged.

Aaron2009 says: (9 years ago)
Over priced internet. Upload and download speeds are horrible for the prices charged.

Aaron2009 says: (9 years ago)
Over priced internet. Upload and download speeds are horrible for the prices charged.

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